Edited at 07.04.2020 – Who killed macbeth?

نشرت من قبل في

Who KILL? Let’s Find That Out!

It is said that the last king of the Scots, Jacob the First, was beheaded after he had challenged the legitimacy of the then-vassal government of his son, Eadred, in a plot to kill King Æthelfrith. The heir of the English country, the monarch Eddard of Argyll, took the place of the rightful ruler, Heimskringla, and deposed him. The ruling family were interred in the church of St. Isidore in Inverloch.

When the wicked law of the time led the people of the British and the Danes to destroy the Church of England and their sacred lands, they decided to establish a new order known as the True Order of the